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RIBA5959Derelict row of houses, Bromley Street, Lewisham, London: anti-establishment graffiti from Jubilee Year, 1977

RIBA8117Children in the street: 'A child forced to play in the street is a child forced by society to play with a live shell.'

RIBA8118Slum conditions: 'Pleasant accommodation: examples of conditions not so difficult [to find] in many towns today.'

RIBA9947Housing, Salford

RIBA10629Unidentified tenement buildings, London

RIBA11922Overgate slums, Dundee

RIBA33986Casa da Musica, Rotunda da Boavista, Porto: the entrance steps from the plaza

RIBA40198Minarets and shacks, Dubai

RIBA101376Gorbals area, Glasgow: old tenement blocks

RIBA101377Gorbals area, Glasgow: old tenement blocks

RIBA125957Topographical etching entitled 'London going out of Town - or The March of Bricks & Mortar!'


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