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Footbridge, Kendal Road, Dollis Hill, LondonRIBA5571

New Council House (Guildhall), Old Market Square, Salisbury: perspective view with a market taking placeRIBA31365

Remnant piles of dock buildings and the filling-in of the basin, London Docks, Wapping, LondonRIBA47768

University of East Anglia, Norwich : Her Majesty the Queen and Denys Lasdun, at the opening of the university in May 1969RIBA88228

1939 World's Fair, Queens, New York: the Beechnut Packing Company Pavilion with the audience watching a model circus paradeRIBA88711

21 and 22 The Circus, BathRIBA49710

21 and 22 The Circus, Bath: fenestration detailRIBA49711

26 Tredegar Square, Mile End, LondonRIBA47710

A day by the seasideRIBA48202

A derelict cottage in Langeais, Loire ValleyRIBA27629

A group of nuns entering the West German Pavilion, 1958 World's Fair, BrusselsRIBA51302

A pair of Georgian houses recently gutted by fire, Folgate Street, Spitalfields, LondonRIBA47708

A side street in the environs of the Duomo, Palermo, SicilyRIBA25639

A user of the Multitone vhf pocket pager and speech receiver on the streets of LondonRIBA62210

A woman and children in New Street in the old city of PlymouthRIBA48169

Abandoned church of Sao Mateus da Calheta, Terciera: window in the gable above the entrance porchRIBA69172

Abandoned London house with crumbling porch and dead ivyRIBA17245

Agricultural show, west of EnglandRIBA77496

Alexandrian obelisk (Cleopatra's Needle) being erected in Central Park, New YorkRIBA16146

Alleyway and dilapidated house on St Michaels Terrace, LincolnRIBA47645

Anglican Church of St Joseph the Worker, Yeading Lane, Northolt, London: an altar boy dressed in Scout uniform observing the communion riteRIBA62770

Anglican Church of St Joseph the Worker, Yeading Lane, Northolt, London: communicants arriving in the snowRIBA62763

Anglican Church of St Joseph the Worker, Yeading Lane, Northolt, London: the vicar and communicants after the service in the hallRIBA62776

Anglican Church of St Philip and St James, Hodge Hill, Birmingham: service in a vestryRIBA62841

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