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RIBA79201The Bridges Hotel, Sutton Road, Hull

RIBA199161958 World's Fair, Brussels: close-up of a loudspeaker erected on a tree trunk

RIBA199761958 World's Fair, Brussels: the concourse below the 'passerelle' (pedestrian viaduct)

RIBA199321958 World's Fair, Brussels: the standard signpost

RIBA2651942-45 Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, London: the west side of the square

RIBA265145 King's Bench Walk, Inner Temple, City of London

RIBA1166757 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin: doorway

RIBA478506 and 7 Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London

RIBA477886-9 Lower Mall, Hammersmith, London

RIBA40877A building defaced by graffiti, Brasilia

RIBA10678A decorated bollard

RIBA17872A dockside bollard

RIBA17874A dockside bollard

RIBA50735A kerbside and road drain, Sherbourne

RIBA15609A loudspeaker, Exposition Internationale des Arts et des Techniques dans la Vie Moderne, Paris 1937

RIBA17879A modern pound lock

RIBA17877A mooring ring on the dockside of the Sharpness Ship Canal

RIBA9803A phone kiosk

RIBA89505A street clock, Boston, Massachusetts

RIBA19050A wood bollard at the beginning of the Oxford Canal at Hawkesbury Junction, Warwickshire

RIBA26542Albert Bridge, Chelsea, London

RIBA19048Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA17449Albert Dock, Liverpool: detail of a warehouse pulley

RIBA18068Alleyway and lamp post, Hotwells, Bristol

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