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A side street in the environs of the Duomo, Palermo, SicilyRIBA25639

A user of the Multitone vhf pocket pager and speech receiver on the streets of LondonRIBA62210

A woman and children in New Street in the old city of PlymouthRIBA48169

Annexe for the coronation of George V, Westminster Abbey, LondonRIBA51196

Anti-apartheid demonstration,Trafalgar Square, LondonRIBA62738

Arcade on Piazza della Repubblica, FlorenceRIBA50599

Arcade plastered with election posters, FerraraRIBA19248

Assembly Rooms, Market Place, Boston, Lincolnshire: perspective from the marketRIBA85333

Back of Pleasant Row, NottinghamRIBA38477

Back-to-back houses, Central Wards, BirminghamRIBA14428

Bandstand at the seasideRIBA48197

Bhuleshwar, MumbaiRIBA105076

Bhuleshwar, MumbaiRIBA105075

Billingsgate fishmarket, Billingsgate Wharf, Lower Thames Street, LondonRIBA15429

Boy scouts on the corner of Dublin Street and Abercromby Place, New Town, EdinburghRIBA10811

Boy with his pet lamb in his kitchen doorway on a backstreet in NaplesRIBA25461

Bull Ring market, BirminghamRIBA62699

Bull Ring shopping centre square, BirminghamRIBA62698

Cafe Doney, via Veneto, RomeRIBA113592

Camera Shop, High Holborn, LondonRIBA52475

Campanile of San Marco, Venice, after collapseRIBA17001

Campiello in VeniceRIBA16554

Campo dei Mori, Venice: statue of Antonio Rioba outside a grocery shopRIBA26707

Campo Santa Maria Formosa, Venice: street marketRIBA38133

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