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RIBA3431-58Chiswick House, London: the entrance front

RIBA3722Christ Church, Spitalfields, London, seen from Brushfield Street

RIBA18926Arabesque decoration for a sitting room

RIBA18927Arabesque decoration for a sitting room

RIBA19428'Abacus' screen of coloured balls, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London: close-up

RIBA19696Design for a house in Ireland in the 'modern Italian' style

RIBA20012Design for a frieze above a mantelpiece in the hall-lounge of 78 Derngate, Northampton, for Wenman Joseph Bassett-Lowke

RIBA21778Church of Notre Dame, Dijon: study of a decorative lintel from above the west door of the

RIBA21873Collegiate Church of St John the Baptist, Shottesbrooke, Berkshire: study of two encaustic tiles

RIBA22668Alcazar, Seville: detail from arch and tiled jamb in the Hall of Ambassadors (Salon de Embajadores)

RIBA26970De Dageraad housing, Amsterdam: detail of entrance

RIBA28689Christ Church, Spitalfields, London: the west end seen from Brushfield Street

RIBA32375Design for a decorative floor border or tread of a step: elevation showing a stylised floral design to be executed in lead and copper

RIBA32376Design for a carpet featuring stylised leaves and flowers

RIBA32381Design for a book cover to be printed on canvas incorporating stylised birds and flowers

RIBA32498Carthusian Monastery of Santa Maria de la Defension, Jerez: study of tiles with a sketched perspective of the cloisters

RIBA32964Coloured herringbone pattern design

RIBA33221Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption, 1111 Gough Street, San Francisco: the apex of the sanctuary ceiling

RIBA35768Cathedral of San Matteo, Salerno: studies of Cosmatesque mosaics from part of a plaque in the south aisle

RIBA46098Bishopsgate Institute, Bishopsgate, City of London: detail of library skylight

RIBA47470Daniel Stewart's College, Queensferry Road, Edinburgh

RIBA4747243-45 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh

RIBA49614Chiswick House, London: the entrance front by night

RIBA92123Design for a ceiling decoration, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

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