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RIBA4109Design for a nursery chintz entitled 'The house that Jack built'

RIBA4112Design for a nursery textile showing a shepherd, squirrel and bird in a tree

RIBA4118Design for a textile for Alexander Morton entitled 'Fidelis'

RIBA4119Design for a textile entitled 'Huntsman'

RIBA4120Design for a textile for Alexander Morton showing cornflowers, wheatsheaves and crows

RIBA4121Design for a textile or wallpaper entitled 'Crown and Tulip'

RIBA4122Design for a carpet and textile showing strawberries, leaves, flowers and birds

RIBA4124Design for a textile entitled 'The Rose and Shamrock'

RIBA4126Design for a fabric showing yellow roses and rose hips

RIBA4131Design for a nursery wallpaper or a textile entitled 'Great Kings and Queens'

RIBA709133 Warley Way, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex: the master bedroom

RIBA13125Design for a textile or wallpaper named 'Love-in-a-mist'

RIBA20080Design for a counterpane, for the Hon. Mrs. Wyndham

RIBA2392013 Downshire Hill, Hampstead, London: a twin bedroom with purpose-built furniture

RIBA2392213 Downshire Hill, Hampstead, London: a single bedroom

RIBA24721Casani's club, Regent Street, London: the lounge area

RIBA24722Casani's club, Regent Street, London: decorative detail

RIBA29064Design for a textile entitled 'Australian Finch'

RIBA29551Design for a mahogany dressing table and desk with chintz covering: elevation, plan and section, together with a photograph of the constructed model

RIBA46371Chinese silk pattern for princes of the third and fourth rank as denoted by the dragons with four claws

RIBA51650British Art in Industry exhibition, Royal Academy, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London: the Gallery of Dress Materials designed by Laurence Irving and Elsie Collier

RIBA63593Arthur Sanderson and Sons Ltd stand, Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition, Olympia, London

RIBA94944Design for a printed velvet entitled 'The Three Men of Gotham'

RIBA97209Design for a mitre

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