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Admiralty Arch, The Mall, London: perspective from the north-eastRIBA70365

Admiralty Arch, The Mall, London: perspective viewed from The MallRIBA97962

Album of theoretical designs: elevation of a triumphal archRIBA96479

Album of theoretical designs: elevation of a triumphal arch with pedimented aedicules in a garden settingRIBA96508

An architectural composition featuring buildings in the Classical style and a central triumphal archRIBA20922

Anavarza (Anazarba or Anazarbus): measured elevations and plans of the triumphal archwayRIBA21322

Arc de Triomphe, ParisRIBA9098

Arc de Triomphe, ParisRIBA9581

Arch of Augustus, SusaRIBA31814

Arch of Augustus, SusaRIBA31815

Arch of Caligula, Vico di Mercurio, PompeiiRIBA13528

Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum, RomeRIBA7942

Arch of Constantine, RomeRIBA7977

Arch of Constantine, RomeRIBA3675-72

Arch of Constantine, RomeRIBA14061

Arch of Constantine, RomeRIBA18910

Arch of Constantine, RomeRIBA14372

Arch of Constantine, RomeRIBA25669

Arch of Constantine, Rome: a glimpse of the Colosseum through the central archRIBA27857

Arch of Constantine, Rome: close-up of two of the decorative tondi and columnsRIBA27741

Arch of Constantine, Rome: the south side seen from the via TriumphalisRIBA30918

Arch of Drusus, RomeRIBA14080

Arch of Hadrian, AthensRIBA58787

Arch of Hadrian, Athens, with the ruins of the Temples of Zeus Olympus in the backgroundRIBA4139

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