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Tribune Tower, ChicagoRIBA3862

Design for the Church of Saint Nicholas, Tooting, London: elevation of east end (probably design for a chancel)RIBA67120

Designs and working drawings for St Margaret's Convent, East Grinstead, West Sussex: plan, elevations and sections of the eastern chapelRIBA81215

Designs for a castellated gateway, possibly at Redbourne Hall, Lincolnshire: plan and elevationRIBA67920

Designs for curate's house, Treslothan: floor plans and elevation of the entrance frontRIBA82843

Designs for curate's house, Treslothan: plan, elevations and section of stables, and Designs for a semi-detached pair of church cottages: plans and sectionRIBA82845

Designs for curate's house, Treslothan: west elevation and south elevation (garden front)RIBA82844

Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: longitudinal sectionRIBA68944

St Giles Church, Camberwell, LondonRIBA68878

St Mary's Rectory (the Old Rectory), 81 Church Street, North Creake, for the Hon. the Rev. Thomas Robert Keppel: perspective of the entrance frontRIBA85351

St Peter's School and masters' houses, Clifton, York: perspective of entrance frontRIBA84179

Unexecuted design for war memorial cross, Stroud Green, Haringey, London: plan and elevationRIBA81357

1 Bridge Street, The Cross, Chester, CheshireRIBA27982

11 East Parade, SheffieldRIBA14764

15 Buckingham Street, London: a cabinet standRIBA7237

15 Buckingham Street, London: an upright cabinetRIBA7233

15 Buckingham Street, London: door panel entitled the 'Judgement of Paris'RIBA7225

15 Buckingham Street, London: the Peacock CabinetRIBA7232

15 Buckingham Street, London: the Zodiac SetteeRIBA7224

15 Buckingham Street: a Gothic overmantelRIBA7227

16 Brock Street, Bath: Gothick porchRIBA18061

21 St Mary's Street, StamfordRIBA14968

24-26 Queen Street, CardiffRIBA5439

24-26 Queen Street, Cardiff: the upper floorsRIBA11805

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