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RIBA2518-9Alexander Fleming House, Elephant and Castle, Southwark, London

RIBA34554Alton East Estate, Roehampton, London: view of the staggered terrace of houses with twelve-storey point blocks in the background

RIBA59327Alton West Estate, Roehampton, London: Lynn Chadwick's sculpture 'The Watchers' with the point blocks beyond

RIBA4620Alton West Estate, Roehampton, London: the staggered line of old people's cottages

RIBA2902-26Berthold Lubetkin in top hat beside caryatid at the entrance to Highpoint Two, North Hill, Highgate, London

RIBA5151Breves Lalique Galleries, Bond Street, London

RIBA36739Design for Gatwick Airport: ground floor plan of the terminal building known as 'The Beehive'

RIBA3440-58Eames House, 206 Chautauqua Way, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles

RIBA5251Flats in Holford Square, Finsbury, London: view showing the triaxial plan form of the spiral staircase of Bevin Court

RIBA72715Laboratories for the Metropolitan Water Board at New River Head, Rosebery Avenue, London: the entrance hall and corridor

RIBA2427-3Penguin Pool, London Zoo, Regent's Park, London: the elliptical pool and ramp

RIBA5757613 Highbury Terrace Mews, Islington, London: the garden elevation

RIBA76764Aldergrove Airport, Belfast: the restaurant and lounge area in the terminal building

RIBA76769Aldergrove Airport, Belfast: the terminal building seen from the approach road

RIBA75080Alton East Estate, Roehampton, London: a terrace of houses in Norley Vale

RIBA59318Alton West Estate, Roehampton, London: one of the slab blocks

RIBA59323Alton West Estate, Roehampton, London: the point blocks

RIBA55841Architect's house, Warren Road, Hayes Common, Bromley, London: the south entrance facade

RIBA55842Architect's house, Warren Road, Hayes Common, Bromley, London: the south entrance facade at night

RIBA92181Barbican Centre, Silk Street, City of London: perspective section

RIBA94804Barbican Estate, City of London: perspective of final scheme, nearly as built, looking towards the City of London School for Girls

RIBA97301Barbican Estate, City of London: typical elevation of a terrace block

RIBA55171BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, Hammersmith, London: road approach to the central circular block

RIBA57869BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, Hammersmith, London: studio 8 and its lighting grid

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