Egyptian Obelisk (also known as the Obelisk of Theodosius) in the Hippodrome (Atmeydani), Istanbul: detail of Byzantine relief carvings on the north-west side of the base

RIBApix ref no RIBA41512
Subject Date0390
Image Date1833
Library ReferenceSC63/TEX[41]8
Colour / B&W Colour
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Notes NOTES: Built in Egypt in around 1550 BC, this obelisk originally flanked a temple dedicated to Pharaoh Tuthmosis III to celebrate his victorious Mesopotamian campaigns. It was later brought to Istanbul in the fourth century AD by the Byzantine emperor who had scenes depicting the daily life of the imperial family carved in relief onto the obelisk's base. This drawing was probably produced by a local draughtsman for Charles Felix Marie Texier for use in his publications and later presented to the RIBA.

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lettering, sculpture, decorative stonework, obelisks