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Anne-Katrin Purkiss

Portraits of architects

Within the RIBA Collections there are many portraits not only of architects but artists, personalities and workers. Nearly 1300 portraits are available on RIBApix, largely as photographs or paintings, but sometimes as caricatures or cartoons.

Complimenting this collection we are very pleased to announce the addition of a number of photographic portraits of architects taken by the photographer Anne-Katrin Purkiss. Her collection of British portraits spans more than thirty years, featuring people who inspire through their work and their ideas. As a personal interest, she documents people in the context of their environment and their occupations. Her work with architects includes documenting the restoration of artists’ homes and studios such as the Watts Gallery near Guildford and the conservation of Sandycombe Lodge, J. M. W. Turner’s house in Twickenham. She has also worked with Gainsborough’s House in Sudbury in their bid to develop a national centre for Thomas Gainsborough in the artist’s birthplace.

Anne-Katrin Purkiss was born in Chemnitz, Germany, and graduated from Leipzig University with a degree in Journalism and Photography. She worked for an advertising agency before moving to England in 1984. After four years at the London bureau of Associated Press, she became a freelance photographer. Her commissions include regular work for museums and galleries and government agencies. She now works as an independent photographer, primarily in England, with a special interest in the arts and the environment.

To see more of Anne-Katrin Purkiss’ work on RIBApix click here.


15 items
RIBA112946Ron Arad in his London studio in 1993 making furniture

RIBA112949Sir Philip Dowson, architect and President of the Royal Academy, seen in the Sackler Wing of the Royal Academy, London in 1994

RIBA112954Jamie Fobert at the opening of the new galleries at Tate St Ives, November 2017

RIBA112956Sir Norman Foster during a photo call on the roof of the British Museum, October 1997

RIBA112963Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe in the office (nicknamed 'the grotto') of his London home shortly before his 90th birthday

RIBA112968Diebedo Francis Kere next to his installation at the Sensing Spaces: Architecture Re- imagined exhibition at the Royal Academy, London, January 2014

RIBA112976Sir Denys Lasdun in his London office, March 1997

RIBA112977Daniel Libeskind during a press conference at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, September 1996

RIBA112980Mary Jane Long, architect, at the London office of Long & Kentish in April 2004, during work on the new wing for Pallant House Gallery, Chichester

RIBA112984Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen, next to their installation at the Sensing Spaces: Architecture Re-imagined exhibition at the Royal Academy, London, January 2014

RIBA112987Richard Rogers at the opening of his 'Inside Out' exhibition at the Royal Academy, London, July 2013

RIBA112991Eduardo Souto de Moura poses next to his installation at the Sensing Spaces: Architecture Re-imagined exhibition at the Royal Academy, Janaury 2014

RIBA112995Sir Colin St John Wilson, on the building site of the British Library, London, March 1994.

RIBA113003Angus Goodwin of zmma architects at Gainsborough's House, Sudbury, Suffolk, with the model of his design for the new gallery

RIBA113572John McAslan and Pluto, underneath the canopy at King's Cross Station, London