workers' housing and industrial cooling towers, Teeside

At Home in Britain: Designing the House of Tomorrow

Images from the RIBA Collections used as insipiration for the 2016 exhibition in the Architecture Gallery at 66 Portland Place.

At Home in Britain re-examines how we live and speculates on the future of housing in Britain. Taking the cottage, the terraced house and the flat as a starting point and using  the RIBA Collections as stimulus, six newly commissioned works from contemporary architecture practices Jamie Fobert ArchitectsMÓ•Maison Edouard FrançoisMecanooStudio Weave and vPPR transform these three familiar housing types to reflect the way we live and work in the 21st century.

Here RIBApix features three galleries of these housing types to highlight the huge range of material held in the RIBA Collections. Discover the remarkable variety of cottages often shaped by locally available building materials. Explore the development of flats from model housing and seminal Modern Movement blocks including Highpoint One to post war reconstruction and notorious housing failures such as Hutchesontown C which had replaced the tenement blocks of the Gorbals. Witness how terraced housing functions at all levels of society and continues to be adapted in modern styles.


Thatched Cottage, Elgol, Skye, Inner Hebrides
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Much less uniform than terraced houses or flats, cottages range from traditional thatch and regional vernacular to workers’ housing and architects’ idealised drawings of peasant housing.

Housing, Willowfield, Harlow, Essex
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Less traditional than cottages or terraced housing flats are no less distinctive and have been hugely influential in shaping twentieth century social and architectural history.

Back of Pleasant Row, Nottingham
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Terraced Houses

Distinctively British, terraced houses are often regarded as being very regular yet there are huge regional and stylistic variations. These range from Regency and Georgian terraces to slum housing as well as modern and pastiche interpretations.