1960s British Social Housing

Below is a selection of images of British social housing in the 1960s.

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RIBA3111-38Miss Cranston's Tea Rooms, Buchanan Street, Glasgow: hoarding decorated with Whistlerian peacock

RIBA3113-39Clendinning residence, 3 Alwyne Road, Islington, London: the dining room with the 'Maxima' range of furniture

RIBA3114-39Silman flat in Knightsbridge, London: the entrance hall

RIBA3116-39"Experiments in Living" exhibition, Maples store, London: "Expando-Space", an expanding adaptable space

RIBA3117-39Sir Edwin Lutyens

RIBA3118-39Viceroy's House, New Delhi: east front

RIBA3119-39Sketches of the Viceroy's House, New Delhi featured in a letter by Sir Edwin Lutyens to his wife, Lady Emily

RIBA3120-39Vorkapich residence, Beverly Hills, California

RIBA3121-39Daniels residence, Hollywood, Los Angeles

RIBA3122-39Corinne A Seeds University Elementary School, Los Angeles

RIBA3123-39Henry Hinds Laboratory for the Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago, Illinois

RIBA3124-39Sony Music, Santa Monica, California

RIBA3125-39Sony Music, Santa Monica, California

RIBA3126-39Hunt residence, Malibu, California

RIBA3127-40Hunt residence, Malibu, California

RIBA3128-40Joy Manufacturing Company building, Glendale, California

RIBA3129-40Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Vancouver

RIBA3130-40Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Vancouver

RIBA3132-40St Pancras Hotel and Chambers, Euston Road, London

RIBA3133-40Frey House II, Palm Springs, California

RIBA3134-40Tramway gas station, Palm Springs, California

RIBA3135-40Kocher Samson building, Palm Springs, California

RIBA3136-40Frederick B. Carter residence, Evanston, Illinois

RIBA3137-40Team Disney Building, Burbank, California

RIBA3138-40Arnoldi Triplex, Venice, Los Angeles

RIBA3139-40Chiat Day Offices, Venice, Los Angeles

RIBA3140-40Ron Davis studio and residence, Malibu, California

RIBA3141-41Norton residence, Venice, Los Angeles

RIBA3142-41Temporary Powell Library, University of California, Los Angeles

RIBA3143-41Viso residence, Hollywood, Los Angeles