1960s British Social Housing

Below is a selection of images of British social housing in the 1960s.

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RIBA3209-45McAlmon residence, Los Feliz, California

RIBA3210-45Rudolph Schindler residence, West Hollywood, California

RIBA3211-45Fitzpatrick residence, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles

RIBA3212-46Tischler residence, Westwood, Los Angeles

RIBA3213-46Lovell Beach House, Newport Beach, California

RIBA3214-46Bubeshko Apartments, Silverlake, Los Angeles

RIBA3215-46Rodriguez House, Glendale, California

RIBA3216-46Roth residence, Los Angeles

RIBA3217-46House at Bakkaflot 1, Gardabaer, Iceland

RIBA3218-46House at Bakkaflot 1, Gardabaer, Iceland

RIBA3219-46American Republic Insurance Company building, Des Moines, Iowa

RIBA3220-46BMA Tower, offices of the Business Men's Assurance Company, Kansas City

RIBA3221-46Joseph Regenstein Library, University of Chicago, Chicago

RIBA3222-46Supreme Court of Iceland, Reykjavik

RIBA3223-46Merchants' National Bank, Grinnell, Iowa

RIBA3224-47Merchants' National Bank, Grinnell, Iowa

RIBA3225-47St Paul's Methodist Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

RIBA3226-47Seattle Art Museum (SAM), 1300 First Avenue, Seattle

RIBA3227-47Capitol Records, Hollywood, Los Angeles

RIBA3228-47West residence, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles

RIBA3229-47Charles Ennis residence, Griffith Park, Los Angeles

RIBA3230-47Arch Oboler residence, Los Angeles

RIBA3231-47Arch Oboler residence, Los Angeles

RIBA3232-47Aline Barnsdall residence - the Hollyhock House, Olive Hill, Hollywood, Los Angeles

RIBA3233-47Aline Barnsdall residence - the Hollyhock House, Olive Hill, Hollywood, Los Angeles

RIBA3234-47Dana-Thomas residence, Springfield, Illinois: the main entrance

RIBA3235-47Dana-Thomas residence, Springfield, Illinois

RIBA3236-47Dana-Thomas residence, Springfiled, Illinois: the courtyard

RIBA3237-48Robie House, Chicago

RIBA3238-48Anderton Court Shops, Beverly Hills, California