1960s British Social Housing

Below is a selection of images of British social housing in the 1960s.

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RIBA3268-49British Museum, Bloomsbury, London: the Great Court

RIBA3269-49St Catherine's College, Oxford: the bicycle store

RIBA3270-49Stadio Comunale Giovanni Berta, Florence: the tower and open terraces

RIBA3273-49Church under construction, Busteni, Prahova

RIBA3274-49Mausoleum, Castle Howard, North Yorkshire

RIBA3275-49Tomb of Marcus Vergilius Eurysaces, known as the "Baker's Tomb", Porta Maggiore, Rome

RIBA3276-50Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge seen at dusk, London

RIBA3280-50Gomme residence, Petersfield, Hampshire: the living room

RIBA3281-50Gateway of the Husainabad Bazaar, Lucknow

RIBA3282-50Kensal House, Kensal Rise, London: a sitting room

RIBA3283-50War-time housing, Coventry: a bedroom

RIBA3284-50War-time housing, Coventry: a sitting room

RIBA3285-50Living room in Stockholm

RIBA3286-50Kitchen with table which slides into adjoining room, Sweden

RIBA3287-50Balcony of flat in Sweden

RIBA3288-50Living room of flat in Sweden

RIBA3289-50British Iron and Steel Federation demonstration house: the living room looking through to dining-kitchen

RIBA3290-50Model of a bathroom unit

RIBA3291-50Model of a kitchen unit

RIBA3292-50'Kitchen-Living room' type of house at the Birmingham Exhibition

RIBA3293-50Living room in the 'Working-Kitchen' type of house at the Birmingham Exhibition

RIBA3294-50Dining space in the 'Working-Kitchen' type of house at the Birmingham Exhibition

RIBA3295-50Combined kitchen-dining room

RIBA3296-50Gas equipped nursery kitchen

RIBA3298-50Chanin Building, New York: sculptural detail in lobby

RIBA3299-51Chanin Building, New York: decorative grille work

RIBA3300-51Alaska Works, Bermondsey, London: railings

RIBA3301-51J. C. Decaux warehouse and offices, Brentford, London

RIBA3302-51Roddis House, Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth

RIBA3303-51The Paddox, Squitchey Lane, Oxford, under construction