1960s British Social Housing

Below is a selection of images of British social housing in the 1960s.

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RIBA3365-53Glyn Mills' Bank, Lombard Street, London: steel framework under construction

RIBA3366-53Four-storey detached houses, New Brighton, Wirral, Cheshire: front elevation (east side)

RIBA3367-53Four-storey detached houses, New Brighton, Wirral, Cheshire: garden elevation (west side)

RIBA3368-53Four-storey detached houses, New Brighton, Wirral, Cheshire: dining room

RIBA3369-53Four-storey detached houses, New Brighton, Wirral, Cheshire: sitting room

RIBA3370-53War Memorial, Euston, London: dedication ceremony in presence of Earl Haig

RIBA3371-53War Memorial, Euston, London: four maquettes of soldiers to stand at the foot of the column

RIBA3372-54Great Hall, Euston Station, London: interior with R. Wynn Owen and colleague reading notes in the middle distance

RIBA3373-54Harold Ainsworth Peto

RIBA3374-54History Faculty, West Road, Cambridge: the south elevation showing the stepped pyramidal glass roof over the Reading Room

RIBA3375-54Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, Florence: west facade seen from the south-west

RIBA3376-54Cemetery of San Cataldo, Modena: colonnade

RIBA3377-54Louvre, Paris: the Pyramid

RIBA3378-54Prentice Women's Hospital and Maternity Center and the Northwestern Institute of Psychiatry, Chicago: detail of tower

RIBA3379-54TWA Terminal, John F Kennedy International Airport, New York: roof detail

RIBA3380-54Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

RIBA3381-54Pasarela de Campo Volantin footbridge, Bilbao, Spain

RIBA3382-54State Library, Berlin: lighting

RIBA3383-54J Paul Getty Center, Los Angeles: the entrance

RIBA3384-54Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin: the covered plaza looking up

RIBA3385-54Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire: the east front

RIBA3386-55Royal Pavilion, Brighton: the east front

RIBA3387-55George Grey Wornum

RIBA3388-55Harry Bulkeley Creswell

RIBA3389-55Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier, Marcel Breuer and Sven Markelius discussing UNESCO building, Paris

RIBA3390-55Designs for Spade House, Radnor Cliff Crescent, Sandgate, Kent, for H. G. Wells: perspectives of entrance and garden fronts with plans (design almost as executed)

RIBA3391-55Hopkins' House, Downshire Hill, Hampstead, London: the garden front

RIBA3392-55City Hall (GLA building), The Queen's Walk, South Bank, Southwark, London

RIBA3393-55Selfridges department store, Bull Ring, Birmingham: detail of the the curved exterior clad in aluminium spun discs

RIBA3394-551-3 Willow Road, Hampstead, London: the street facade