Massive Forms

A sense of scale and heaviness of structure, with overly large features.

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RIBA17909Station de sports d'hiver, Flaine, Haute-Savoie

RIBA25908Housing, Queen Elizabeth Square, Hutchesontown C, Gorbals, Glasgow: pedestrian passing under the pylons

RIBA39717Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad: the entrance foyer

RIBA42478Old Vic Theatre Annex (now Royal National Theatre Studio), The Cut, Lambeth, London: detail of the workshop roof

RIBA42580Ulster Museum extension, Botanic Gardens, Belfast: the entrance on the north front

RIBA51356Berkeley Library, Trinity College, Dublin: the west elevation

RIBA56025London Electricity sub-station, Beech Street, Barbican Estate, City of London, seen from the south-west

RIBA69672Boston City Hall, Boston, Massachusetts

RIBA100538Brunel University, Uxbridge, London: the lecture theatre block

RIBA111767Barbican Estate, City of London: the undercroft and lake

RIBA121331Hendon Hall Court, Great North Way, Hendon, London: detail of balconies

RIBA121545Eros House, Catford, London: detail of the top of the staircase tower seen from below showing the board-marking