Unusual Shapes

The design of the building aims at creating a memorable and powerful image, often expressionistic, monolithic, even upside down.

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RIBA2661-15Barbican Estate, City of London: Cromwell Tower under construction

RIBA2968-30Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo

RIBA3011-32Elephant and Rhino House, London Zoo, Regent's Park, London

RIBA11423British Embassy, Fernando el Santo Street, Madrid

RIBA30008'Ziggurats', University of East Anglia Campus, Norwich: two of the pyramidal concrete block student halls of residence

RIBA44520Physics Building, University of Sussex, Falmer: the west elevation

RIBA44545Roger Stevens Lecture Theatre block, University of Leeds: the west facade seen from Chancellor's Court

RIBA44706Cumbernauld Technical College, Cumbernauld New Town

RIBA64239Dunelm House, Durham University: the flight of steps on the south side of the clubhouse

RIBA74642Physics Building, University of Hull: the lecture theatre

RIBA75723Electricity sub-station, Moore Street, Sheffield

RIBA103119Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London