Precursors of High Tech

From the Iron Bridge of 1779, the world’s first all metal prefabricated structure, through metal framed glasshouses, Victorian train sheds, Crystal Palace, the Festival of Britain to the Smithson’s divisive school at Hunstanton we show examples of “high tech” architecture of the day.

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RIBA2480-7Union Tank Car Company railroad repair shop, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

RIBA2633-14Skylon and the Dome of Discovery at night, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London

RIBA2663-15Dome of Discovery seen through the aluminium coned entrance to People of Britain Pavilion, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London

RIBA2682-16Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London: south transept and water tower

RIBA2695-17Apartment houses, 860-880 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois: the steel frame under construction

RIBA2788-21Secondary modern school, Hunstanton: the kitchen court with the water tower and chimney stack

RIBA8477Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London: roof detail

RIBA9919Eames house, 206 Chautauqua Way, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles

RIBA13846Central Market, Santiago: view of the prefabricated structure being assembled in Britain before shipment to Chile

RIBA15791Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London, in ruins following the devastating fire of 30 November 1936

RIBA17256Boat store, Sheerness Naval Dockyard, Kent: detail of cast-iron framed facade

RIBA17959'Dancing Fountain', Federal Garden Show, Cologne 1957

RIBA19425Dome of Discovery, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London: view of the galleries

RIBA23981Maison de Verre, 31 rue St-Guillaume, Paris

RIBA28532Model demonstrating the assembly of a prefabricated concrete construction system for Westville Road Primary School and Brandlehow Road Infants School, Hammersmith, London

RIBA28851Engineering Building, University of Leicester: the workshop block

RIBA30841Maison de Peuple, Clichy, Paris

RIBA31438Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London: perspective showing Queen Victoria and Prince Albert attending the opening ceremony of the Great Exhibition of 1851, surrounded by crowds of onlookers

RIBA36192Design for temporary housing in asbestos cement: plan, perspective and section of a proposed house featuring a prefabricated curved roof

RIBA45380Iron Bridge over the River Severn, Ironbridge, Shropshire: structural detail of the supporting arch

RIBA47674Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool: close-up of the facade showing the cast-iron mullions

RIBA53303Working drawings for the Skylon, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London: elevation and erection sequence

RIBA60296Forth Rail Bridge, South Queensferry, seen from the north

RIBA63552City of London Corporation pavilion, St Paul's Churchyard, City of London

RIBA64207St Pancras Station, Euston Road, London: structural detail of the train shed

RIBA66911Designs for Hungerford Market, Charing Cross, London: plan and view of of the metal roof in the centre of the fish market

RIBA97817View illustrating the construction process for the prefabricated concrete construction system for Westville Road Primary School, Hammersmith, London: the fourth stage of construction

RIBA104013Palm House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London

RIBA106549Maison Tropicale, as completed and exhibited, unknown location