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Pithead Baths

Explore this gallery of images of colliery pithead baths from the RIBA Collections.

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RIBA126100Furniture display for Messrs W. Rowntree & Sons Ltd, Scarborough

RIBA126101Cover of the brochure 'Where Life Is Living' promoting the Isokon3 development at St Leonard's Hill Estate, Windsor: general view of the buildings from the south-east

RIBA126102Preliminary designs for Brackenfell (formerly Morton House), Brampton, Cumbria

RIBA126103Designs for Brackenfell (formerly Morton House), Brampton, Cumbria: perspective from the entrance gates

RIBA126104Designs for nursery school, Bradburns Lane, Hartford, Northwich, for Mrs D. S. Perry: elevations and sections

RIBA126105Renzo Piano

RIBA126106Richard Rogers (Lord Rogers of Riverside)

RIBA126107Mario Botta

RIBA126108Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126109Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126110Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126111Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126112Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126113Two half-elevations of fireplaces: left-hand side with sculpted figure in a helmet; right-hand side with a cuirass and trophies of arms

RIBA126114Elevation of a fireplace design with alternative variations in design to right and left

RIBA126115Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126116Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126117Two half-elevations, of upper part of a chimneypiece or of doors or dormers

RIBA126118Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126119Pen drawing of St George and the Dragon

RIBA126120Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126121Half-elevation of a fireplace (left), and perspective and side view of a chimney (right)

RIBA126122Profiles and mouldings

RIBA126123Sir William Tite

RIBA126124Sir William Tite

RIBA126125Sir William Tite

RIBA126126Sir William Tite

RIBA126127Sir William Tite

RIBA126128Sir William Tite

RIBA126129James Wyatt

RIBA126130James Wyatt

RIBA126131James Wyatt

RIBA126132James Wyatt