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Pithead Baths

Explore this gallery of images of colliery pithead baths from the RIBA Collections.

All of the images are available to download, purchase or license.

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RIBA126354Sir Alexander John ('Alex') Gordon

RIBA126355Frederick Bernard ('Fred') Pooley

RIBA126356Frederick Bernard ('Fred') Pooley

RIBA126357Frederick Bernard ('Fred') Pooley

RIBA126358Frederick Bernard ('Fred') Pooley

RIBA126359Frederick Bernard ('Fred') Pooley

RIBA126360Frederick Bernard ('Fred') Pooley

RIBA126361Eric Alfred Lyons

RIBA126362Eric Alfred Lyons

RIBA126363Eric Alfred Lyons

RIBA126364Eric Alfred Lyons

RIBA126365Eric Alfred Lyons

RIBA126366Eric Alfred Lyons

RIBA126367Giacomo Antonio ('Jack') Coia

RIBA126368Giacomo Antonio ('Jack') Coia

RIBA126369Giacomo Antonio ('Jack') Coia

RIBA126370Giacomo Antonio ('Jack') Coia

RIBA126371Giacomo Antonio ('Jack') Coia

RIBA126372Giacomo Antonio ('Jack') Coia

RIBA126373Lord Holford

RIBA126374Lord Holford

RIBA126375Lord Holford

RIBA126376Lord Holford

RIBA126377Lord Holford

RIBA126378Lord Holford

RIBA126379Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126380Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126381Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126382Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126383Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126384Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126385Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126386Former RIBA Council Chamber chair