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Pithead Baths

Explore this gallery of images of colliery pithead baths from the RIBA Collections.

All of the images are available to download, purchase or license.

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RIBA126387Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126388Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126389Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126390Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126391Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126392Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126393Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126394Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126395Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126396Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126397Former RIBA Council Chamber chair

RIBA126398Metal uplighters

RIBA126399Metal uplighters

RIBA126400Metal uplighters

RIBA126401Various profiles and mouldings

RIBA126402Half-elevation of the chimneypiece of a fireplace

RIBA126403Two half-elevations for fireplaces

RIBA126404Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126405Two half-elevations of fireplaces, the left-hand design with the H and M cipher of Henri IV and Marie de Medicis and royal crown which indicates a design for a royal building

RIBA126406Elevation of a fireplace with a cipher and ducal coronet and at the top the arms of Lorraine

RIBA126407Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126408Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126409Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126410Half-elevation of a fireplace

RIBA126411Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126412Front elevation of a fireplace

RIBA126413Half-elevation of a fireplace

RIBA126414Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126415Five details of cornices, perhaps for fireplaces

RIBA126416Two half-elevations of fireplaces

RIBA126417Half-elevation of a fireplace

RIBA126418Whole elevation of a fireplace, the opening flanked by a somewhat unusual curved and scrolled console

RIBA126419Half-elevation of a fireplace, with its complete profie on the right