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RIBA2969-30Empire Pool nearing completion, Wembley, London

RIBA7306Empire Pool, Wembley, London: the pool hall seen from a spectators' gallery

RIBA7320Pioneer Health Centre, St Mary's Road, Peckham, London: view of the swimming pool from one of the recreation rooms

RIBA10391Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh: the main pool hall showing the diving pool

RIBA11488Bains de la Sauveniere public baths, Liege

RIBA12700Design for a swimming pool at the Ladies' Carlton Club, 4-5 Grosvenor Place, Belgravia, London

RIBA19238Casa del Balilla, Via della Liberta, Forli: view showing the swimming pool with the glass walls removed for summer use

RIBA24557Lansdowne Club, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London: the swimming pool

RIBA24925Royal Masonic Institution for Girls, Senior School, Rickmansworth: the swimming pool

RIBA25181Public swimming baths, Granville Road, Willesden, London

RIBA30935Bletchley Leisure Centre under construction, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

RIBA34486Central Baths, Fairfax Road, Coventry

RIBA34823Flaminio Stadium, Rome: the swimming pool under the stands

RIBA35067Designs and contractors' drawings for the Pioneer Health Centre, St Mary's Road, Peckham, London: sections

RIBA39919Leeds International Pool, Westgate, Leeds

RIBA45426Pioneer Health Centre, St Mary's Road, Peckham, London: the swimming pool seen from the cafeteria

RIBA45429Public swimming baths, Putney, London

RIBA53539Felling Swimming Pool, Fewster Square, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

RIBA57113Public swimming bath and library, Fulwell Cross, Barkingside, London

RIBA57127Bletchley Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire: the swimming pool enclosed by the pyramid

RIBA57143Central Baths, Fairfax Road, Coventry: the main pool hall seen from the spectators' gallery

RIBA57152Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh, seen during the Commonwealth Games of July 1970

RIBA57187Sports hall, National Recreation Centre, Crystal Palace, London: the pool hall seen from the diving pool

RIBA57658Bains de la Sauveniere public baths, Liege: the pool hall seen prior to the pools being filled

RIBA57663Bains de la Sauveniere public baths, Liege: the floodlit pool hall with the pools filled

RIBA62992Leeds International Pool, Westgate, Leeds

RIBA62996Leeds International Pool, Westgate, Leeds: the main pool

RIBA73569Dolphin Square, Grosvenor Road, Pimlico, London: the swimming pool

RIBA73616Shirehampton Public Baths, Bristol: the main pool

RIBA76395Dollan Baths, East Kilbride: the parabolic roof under construction

RIBA76403Dollan Baths, East Kilbride: the olympic length swimming pool

RIBA80558Leeds International Pool, Westgate, Leeds

RIBA97100Painting entitled 'Poolside Reflection', of the swimming pool at the head office for insurance firm Willis Faber and Dumas Limited, Ipswich, Suffolk