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Lighting the Way 

Images of Lighthouses from the RIBA Collections

Of the many navigational aids lighthouses are perhaps the most symbolic and, frequently by virtue of the need to construct them in wild and rugged locations, some of the most challenging to build.

This article about five very different lighthouses from 1543 to 1960 is accompanied by the gallery below showing the wide range of images of lighthouses held in the RIBA Collections.

All of the images are available to download, purchase or license as well as other images here with a nautical theme.  

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RIBA4429Villa Grazia, 173-10 Street, Asmara

RIBA4430Odeon cinema, Bihat Street, Asmara: the bar

RIBA4431Cinema Impero, Harnet Avenue / 176-21 Street, Asmara

RIBA4432Shell service station (formerly Agip service station), Decemhare Road, Godaif, Asmara

RIBA4433Shops and apartments (formerly Palazzo Mutton), Harnet Avenue / Ginda Street / Ad Ebrihim, Asmara

RIBA4434Swimming pool, 171-2 Street / Qohayto Street, Asmara

RIBA4435Apartments (formerly Alfa Romeo branch), 177-1 Street, Asmara

RIBA4436Market (formerly Piazza Italia), Asmara

RIBA4437Synagogue, Asmara

RIBA4438Central post office administration, Post Office Square, Asmara

RIBA4439Capitol Cinema (formerly Cinema Augustus), Denden Street, Asmara

RIBA4440Greek Orthodox church, Asmara

RIBA4441Ministry of Land, Water and the Environment, 194-2 Street, Asmara

RIBA4442Falletta Building, Harnet Avenue / Adi Hawesha Street / 176-5 Street / 176-7 Street, Asmara

RIBA4443Office building, Asmara

RIBA4444Bank of Eritrea, Post Office Square, Asmara

RIBA4445175-11 Street (formerly Lorenzo Tazaz Street), Asmara

RIBA4446San Antonio Church, Decemhare Road, Godaif, Asmara

RIBA4447Shops and apartments in former Adua Square, Nafka Avenue / Keren Street, Asmara: balcony with lion-shaped brackets

RIBA4448Ministry of Education (formerly Casa del Fascio), Harnet Avenue / Keskese Street, Asmara

RIBA4449Selam Hotel (formerly Albergo CIAAO), Maryam Gmbi Street, Asmara

RIBA4450Enda Mariam Orthodox Cathedral, Arbate Asmara Street, Asmara

RIBA4451Degghi Selam, Arbate Asmara Street, Asmara

RIBA4452Mosque square, Asmara

RIBA4453Asmara Theatre, Harnet Avenue / Beleza Street: the auditorium

RIBA4454Regional Government Offices (formerly Commissariato dell' Hamasien), Eritrawit Ade, Asmara

RIBA4455Shops and apartments (formerly Palazzo Amoroso), Harnet Avenue / Mata Street, Asmara

RIBA4456Shops and apartments (formerly Sede del Gruppo Rionale Fascista), Segeneyti Street, Asmara

RIBA4457Catholic cathedral, Harnet Avenue / 176-17 Street, Asmara: the campanile

RIBA4458Workshop and service station (formerly Fiat Tagliero service station), Mereb Street / Sematat Avenue, Asmara

RIBA4459Grand Mosque, Selam Street / Ad Ebrihim, Asmara

RIBA4460Ministry of Health (formerly Colonial Police Headquarters), Denden Street / 172-5 Street, Asmara

RIBA4461Mai Jah Jah (formerly La Fontana), Marsa Teklay Street / 173-18 Street, Asmara