Margate harbour, Kent

Lighting the Way 

Images of Lighthouses from the RIBA Collections

Of the many navigational aids lighthouses are perhaps the most symbolic and, frequently by virtue of the need to construct them in wild and rugged locations, some of the most challenging to build.

This article about five very different lighthouses from 1543 to 1960 is accompanied by the gallery below showing the wide range of images of lighthouses held in the RIBA Collections.

All of the images are available to download, purchase or license as well as other images here with a nautical theme.  

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RIBA3236-47Dana-Thomas residence, Springfiled, Illinois: the courtyard

RIBA3237-48Robie House, Chicago

RIBA3238-48Anderton Court Shops, Beverly Hills, California

RIBA3239-48Walker residence, Carmel, California

RIBA3240-48Karaski residence, West Los Angeles, Los Angeles

RIBA3241-48Samuel-Novarro House / Diane Keaton residence, Los Angeles

RIBA3242-48Samuel-Novarro House / Diane Keaton residence, Los Angeles

RIBA3243-48Taggart residence, Hollywood, Los Angeles

RIBA3244-48Johnson residence, Hollywood, Los Angeles

RIBA3245-48Derby residence, Glendale, California

RIBA3246-48Showscan Cinemania Theatre, Universal City, Los Angeles

RIBA3248-48Michael Manser

RIBA3249-48Church of San Francisco, Pampulha, Belo Horizonte

RIBA3250-49John Harris

RIBA3251-49Composite capital

RIBA3252-49Beach at Walberswick, Suffolk

RIBA3253-49River Tamar, Devon, from the Morwell Rocks

RIBA3254-49Stockwell bus garage, Lambeth, London

RIBA3255-49Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London: the sliding, folding doors to sixth floor roof terrace

RIBA3256-49Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London: the Hungerford Bridge entrance

RIBA3257-49Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London: level 2 ballroom

RIBA3258-49Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London: panorama of the auditorium

RIBA3259-49Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London: the auditorium seen from a box

RIBA3260-49Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London: level 2 foyer

RIBA3261-49Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London: an upper foyer

RIBA3262-49Churchill Gardens Estate, Pimlico, London

RIBA3263-49Churchill Gardens Estate, Pimlico, London

RIBA3264-49Sam Scorer

RIBA3265-49Nadia Nerina

RIBA3266-49Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, London

RIBA3267-49New Art Gallery, Walsall, West Midlands, seen from the canalside at night

RIBA3268-49British Museum, Bloomsbury, London: the Great Court

RIBA3269-49St Catherine's College, Oxford: the bicycle store