Margate harbour, Kent

Lighting the Way 

Images of Lighthouses from the RIBA Collections

Of the many navigational aids lighthouses are perhaps the most symbolic and, frequently by virtue of the need to construct them in wild and rugged locations, some of the most challenging to build.

This article about five very different lighthouses from 1543 to 1960 is accompanied by the gallery below showing the wide range of images of lighthouses held in the RIBA Collections.

All of the images are available to download, purchase or license as well as other images here with a nautical theme.  

33 items
RIBA10269Eddystone lighthouse

RIBA14498Model of the logo for the building works manufacturer G.L. Wilson

RIBA17207Smeaton's Tower, a former Eddystone lighthouse, Plymouth Hoe

RIBA17209St Anthony's lighthouse, Falmouth Harbour, Cornwall

RIBA17479Lighthouse on the River Lune, Glasson Dock, Lancashire

RIBA17504Harbour light, Fowey, Cornwall

RIBA17884The Low Lighthouse, Burnham, Somerset

RIBA17885Needles lighthouse, Isle of Wight

RIBA18761Quai du Risban, Dunkerque, and the Tour des Balaines on the Isle de Re: elevations and sections

RIBA18762Tour de Cordouan at the estuary of the Gironde: sections and elevations

RIBA18976Illustration explaining how to draw the perspective of a round building

RIBA19042Lighthouse and lock gates at Sjotorp, the beginning of the Gota Canal on the eastern shore of Lake Vanern

RIBA20887Design for lighthouse monument to Dutch naval Lieutenant Jan Carolus Josephus van Speijk, Egmond aan Zee: elevation

RIBA21508Genoa lighthouse: view from the harbour

RIBA21509Genoa lighthouse: plans, section and elevation

RIBA24771West pier lighthouse, Whitby, North Yorkshire

RIBA24772West pier lighthouse, Whitby, North Yorkshire: close-up of the column and beacon

RIBA25198Lower Light, Dovercourt, Harwich

RIBA25200New Lighthouse, Dungeness, Kent

RIBA47938Margate harbour, Kent

RIBA48194Belle Tout Lighthouse, Beachy Head, Eastbourne

RIBA49112Lighthouse, Southwold, Suffolk

RIBA53862Stone Pier Light, Weymouth

RIBA53871Start Point lighthouse, Start Bay, Devon

RIBA53876Pier head lighthouse, St Ives, Cornwall

RIBA76717New Lighthouse, Dungeness, Kent, with the old lighthouse in the background

RIBA76720New Lighthouse, Dungeness, Kent: the spiral staircase

RIBA77447East Pier lighthouse, Whitby, North Yorkshire

RIBA77458Whitby pier, North Yorkshire, with the east and west pier lighthouses in the background.

RIBA93580Lismore lighthouse, Mull

RIBA94824Design for a lighthouse: plan, section and elevation

RIBA95770Genoa lighthouse: sketch plan of lamp floor showing lenses and reflectors

RIBA135192Rubha Nan Gal Lighthouse, Mull