Modernist Materials   

Modernist architects tried to present an honest expression of how they used materials in a building's construction, frequently using reinforced concrete, steel frames, ribbon windows and curtain walls.

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RIBA2034-18Commercial Union Tower (Aviva Tower), I Undershaft, City of London, seen from Leadenhall Street

RIBA2092-16Schocken department store, Chemnitz

RIBA2695-17Apartment houses, 860-880 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois: the steel frame under construction

RIBA2845-23Penguin Pool, London Zoo, Regent's Park, London: ramps under construction

RIBA20639Design for the interior of a tourist office, Piccadilly, London, showing glass doors leading to a room beyond

RIBA28532Model demonstrating the assembly of a prefabricated concrete construction system for Westville Road Primary School and Brandlehow Road Infants School, Hammersmith, London

RIBA33507De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea: the main, glass-enclosed staircase under construction showing steelwork

RIBA35877Preliminary design for Space House, Kingsway, London, for the Civil Aviation Authority: perspective view

RIBA48661St Bride's Roman Catholic Parish Church, Whitemoss Avenue, East Kilbride: entrance to the freestanding gallery

RIBA48719Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool: paving detail and the junction of the flying buttresses with the outdoor podium

RIBA51766Additions to a house at Bramshott, Liphook, Hampshire: the staircase leading down to the covered walkway linking the existing house to the new wing

RIBA69441Spa Green Estate, Rosebery Avenue, Finsbury, London: study for alternative elevation

RIBA69714Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe: the exterior spiral stairwell

RIBA76777Bus station for London Transport, Newbury Park, Redbridge, London

RIBA92956Bauhaus building, Dessau: detail of painted concrete ceiling beams