RMS Orion & RMS Orcades II: Modern Liners

Described in the Architectural Review as “a landmark in the evolution of the modern liner”, Orion (1934) and her sister ship Orcades II (1937) were built for the Orient Line. Orion’s design was a departure from the more usual period styles to a simpler, contemporary style. With modern interiors designed by Brian O’Rorke this was the first time that an architect had carried out the entire decoration of a ship. Designed primarily for tropical conditions they featured air conditioning in all public rooms and a more flexible, informal, open air layout.

Both ships were converted to troopships in the Second World War. Sadly in 1942 Orcades was sunk with the loss of 45 lives south west of Cape Town after a battle with a German U-boat in which she was hit by 6 torpedoes.


RMS Orion

Launched:  Barrow-in-Furness, 1934

Disposal:  scrapped, 1963

Tonnage:  23,696 tons

Length:  665 feet or 203 metres

Maximum speed:  21 knots


RMS Orcades II

Launched:  Barrow-in-Furness, 1937

Disposal:  sunk, 1942

Tonnage:  23,456 tons

Length:  639 feet or 195 metres

Maximum speed:  21 knots


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RIBA116437Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116438Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116439Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116440Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116441Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116442Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the foyer

RIBA116443Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the cafeteria

RIBA116444Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the upper foyer lookng towards the cafeteria

RIBA116445Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the restaurant cantilevered through the structural glass wall, as seen from the main stair

RIBA116446Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the restaurant

RIBA116447Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the auditorium looking towards the stage showing the set for the Mikado

RIBA116448Theatre Royal, Plymouth, with Derry's Clock in the foreground

RIBA116449Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116450Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116451Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116452Theatre Royal, Plymouth: detail of the facade

RIBA116453Palace Theatre and Great Western Hotel, Union Street, Plymouth

RIBA116454Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116455Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the upper foyer and bar

RIBA116456Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116457Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116458Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the auditorium

RIBA116459Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the auditorium

RIBA116460Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116461Theatre Royal, Plymouth: Derry's Clock seen through the glazed facade

RIBA116462Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the auditorium

RIBA116463Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the auditorium

RIBA116464Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the auditorium looking towards the stage

RIBA116465Theatre Royal, Plymouth: one of the fly galleries

RIBA116466Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the backstage area

RIBA116467Theatre Royal, Plymouth

RIBA116468Theatre Royal, Plymouth: the auditorium

RIBA116469Theatre Royal, Plymouth, seen at night

RIBA116470Theatre Royal, Plymouth, at night

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