SS Normandie: Trans-Atlantic haut décor

Perhaps one of the greatest liners was the Normandie launched in 1932 for the Le Havre-New York route of Compagnie Générale Translatlantique (or French Line) and the great rival to the Queen Mary for the coveted Blue Riband trans-Atlantic speed record between 1935-1938.

The epitome of French haut décor the Normandie was truly a decadent, luxury ship with Art Deco interiors and large spaces, not least the first class dining room for 700 which was illuminated by pillars of Lalique glass. Exclusive accommodation was provided by a number of large suites including the Grande Luxe Trouville suite and the rather more historic than moderne in decoration Jumièges suite based on the chambers of Louis XV’s mistress the Marquise de Pompadour.

Just two days after the start of the Second World War the Normandie was impounded by the US government becoming the USS Lafayette in 1941. Sadly she came to an ignominious end as whilst being converted to a troopship in 1942 she caught fire capsizing in the Hudson River and although salvaged restoration was too expensive.

These photographs are from an album of 46 photographs of the Normandie acquired by the RIBA in 2014.

Launched:  Saint-Nazaire, 1932
Disposal:  Scrapped: 1946-1948
Tonnage:  82,799 tons
Length:  1029 feet or 314 metres
Maximum speed:  32.2 knots


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RIBA4245Rusakov Club, Moscow

RIBA4246Rusakov Club, Moscow: the rear elevation

RIBA4247Hotel Moskva, Moscow

RIBA4248Hotel Moskva, Moscow

RIBA4249MOGES building (the boiler house of the electric power station), Moscow

RIBA4250Kropotkinskaya Metro station, Moscow, at night

RIBA4251Kropotkinskaya Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4252Kropotkinskaya Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4253Taganskaya Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4254Taganskaya Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4255Taganskaya Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4256Elektrozavodskaya Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4257Elektrozavodskaya Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4258Komsomolskaya Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4259Chistye Prudy Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4260Chistye Prudy Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4261Chistye Prudy Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4262Lubyanka Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4263Krasnie Vorota Metro station, Moscow, at dusk

RIBA4264Arbatskaya Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4265Oktyabrskaya Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4266Oktyabrskaya Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4267Teatralnaya Metro station, Moscow

RIBA4268Science Museum Principe Felipe, City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia

RIBA4269Science Museum Principe Felipe, City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, at dusk

RIBA4270'Hemispheric', City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, at night

RIBA4271Science Museum Principe Felipe, City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia

RIBA4272Einstein Tower, Potsdam

RIBA4273Einstein Tower, Potsdam

RIBA4274Einstein Tower, Potsdam