SS Oriana: Orient Line's Last

The Oriana was the last passenger liner ordered for the Orient Line for use on the Southampton-Sydney route and intended to exploit the post war assisted passage scheme for emigration to Australia. Originally carrying a corn coloured livery, this was changed to white when the Orient Line became part of P&O group. In 1973 Oriana became a full time cruise ship until ending her days as a floating hotel initially in Shanghai and then later Dalian.

The Oriana featured a modern, contemporary interior design including modern signage and works of art co-ordinated by the Design Research Unit in collaboration with Brian O’Rorke.


Launched:  Barrow-in-Furness, 1959

Disposal:  out of service,1986; converted to a museum then a hotel; sunk, 2004 and scrapped 2005

Tonnage:  41,923 tons

Length:  804 feet or 245 metres

Maximum speed:  30.64 knots


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105614 items
RIBA3097-38Castle Howard, North Yorkshire: the south front seen from the south-west

RIBA3098-38Wollaton Hall, Wollaton, Nottinghamshire: view from the south-west

RIBA3099-38Banqueting House, Whitehall, London, seen from the west

RIBA3100-38Finsbury Health Centre, Pine Street, London: the health mural by Gordon Cullen by entrance to the solarium

RIBA3101-38Finsbury Health Centre, Pine Street, London: the health mural by Gordon Cullen by entrance to the solarium

RIBA3102-38Siskin residence, Brentwood, Los Angeles

RIBA3103-38Siskin residence, Brentwood, Los Angeles

RIBA3104-38Rich residence, Brentwood, Los Angeles

RIBA3105-38Abell residence, 469 Upper Mesa Road, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California

RIBA3106-38Abell residence, Santa Monica, California

RIBA3107-38Nordic House, Rejkyavik, Iceland

RIBA3108-38Clendinning residence, 3 Alwyne Road, Islington, London: the living room

RIBA3109-38Flat, 15 Eaton Terrace, Belgravia, London

RIBA3110-38Race furniture: Maxima collection

RIBA3111-38Miss Cranston's Tea Rooms, Buchanan Street, Glasgow: hoarding decorated with Whistlerian peacock

RIBA3113-39Clendinning residence, 3 Alwyne Road, Islington, London: the dining room with the 'Maxima' range of furniture

RIBA3114-39Silman flat in Knightsbridge, London: the entrance hall

RIBA3116-39"Experiments in Living" exhibition, Maples store, London: "Expando-Space", an expanding adaptable space

RIBA3117-39Sir Edwin Lutyens

RIBA3118-39Viceroy's House, New Delhi: east front

RIBA3119-39Sketches of the Viceroy's House, New Delhi featured in a letter by Sir Edwin Lutyens to his wife, Lady Emily

RIBA3120-39Vorkapich residence, Beverly Hills, California

RIBA3121-39Daniels residence, Hollywood, Los Angeles

RIBA3122-39Corinne A Seeds University Elementary School, Los Angeles

RIBA3123-39Henry Hinds Laboratory for the Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago, Illinois

RIBA3124-39Sony Music, Santa Monica, California

RIBA3125-39Sony Music, Santa Monica, California

RIBA3126-39Hunt residence, Malibu, California

RIBA3127-40Hunt residence, Malibu, California

RIBA3128-40Joy Manufacturing Company building, Glendale, California