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RIBA4457Catholic cathedral, Harnet Avenue / 176-17 Street, Asmara: the campanile

RIBA4472Catholic Cathedral and Harnet Avenue, Asmara

RIBA4473Catholic cathedral and Harnet Avenue, Asmara, by night with fireworks

RIBA5979Cathedral, Puebla

RIBA5988Cathedral, Morelia, Michoagan

RIBA6548Chapel of St Michael, Fulda

RIBA7701Catholic Church of the Royal Court of Saxony (Katholische Hofkirche), Altstadt, Dresden

RIBA9347Chapel of Sao Bento, Seixas

RIBA9362Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia: west facade, 'El Obradoiro'

RIBA9407Cathedral of St Nicholas, St Petersburg: the bell tower

RIBA14008Cathedral, Laon, Picardy: the west front

RIBA21439Chapel of St James (Pentonville Chapel), Pentonville Road, Clerkenwell, London: perspective showing the west front and south side

RIBA21799Chapel of Notre Dame la Bonne, Agen: study of the bell tower

RIBA41289Cathedral, Vac: the facade adorned with Corinthinian columns

RIBA45572Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, Zayachy Island, St Petersburg: the bell tower

RIBA48174Chantry, Portmeirion

RIBA58899Cathedral of the Saviour (Spasskiy sobor), Andronikov Monastery, Moscow

RIBA58906Cathedral of the Resurrection, Smolny Convent, St Petersburg

RIBA60837Catholic Church of the Royal Court of Saxony (Katholische Hofkirche), Altstadt, Dresden

RIBA60893Cathedral of St Martin (Martinsdom), Mainz: the east end

RIBA60894Cathedral of St Martin (Martinsdom), Mainz: the Gothic choir and Baroque west tower seen from the west

RIBA60895Cathedral of St Martin (Martinsdom), Mainz, seen from the south-west

RIBA60902Cathedral of St Peter (Dom), Osnabruck, Lower Saxony: the west front

RIBA90282Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela: west facade, 'El Obradoiro'


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