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Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, seen from LambethRIBA2917-27

Housing, Morfelderlandstrasse, Riedhof-West Siedlung, Frankfurt am Main: the main elevation with clock kioskRIBA107224

Ightam Mote, Ivy Hatch, Sevenoaks: the courtyard with the gatehouse tower on the left and the clock in the centre.RIBA89839

Imperial Airways Empire Terminal, Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, LondonRIBA72869

Imperial Airways Empire Terminal, Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, London: the central towerRIBA72870

Jubilee Clock and Royal Bank House, Victoria Street, DouglasRIBA69116

Kensington Palace, London: sketched perspective of the bell towerRIBA35261

King's Cross Station, LondonRIBA59939

King's Cross Station, LondonRIBA80165

King's Cross Station, London, seen from the Euston RoadRIBA49913

King's Cross Station, London, seen from the westRIBA11093

Kolinplatz and Zeitturm, ZugRIBA6461

Kollegienkirche, SalzburgRIBA16228

Kramgasse (Grocers' Alley) looking towards the Zytglogge, Altstadt, BernRIBA61157

Laboratories for the Mining, Minerals and Metallurgy Department, University of Birmingham, Pritchetts Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, with the Chamberlain Tower in the backgroundRIBA74684

Lake House, Wilsford, Wiltshire: the clock towerRIBA25132

Leeds Town HallRIBA5707

Leeds Town Hall: perspective viewRIBA31335

Libreria Sansoviniana, Campanile, Torre dell' Orologio and Basilica of San Marco seen from the Canale di San Marco, VeniceRIBA26636

Lukshmi Vilas Palace, BarodaRIBA10128

Lupton's Range, Eton College, Berkshire: close-up of the gatehouse tower from School YardRIBA4775

Lyceum, Bridge Street, Port SunlightRIBA10922

Lyceum, Bridge Street, Port SunlightRIBA10923

Main Railway Station (Hauptbahnhof), Arnulf-Klett-Platz 2, StuttgartRIBA91783


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