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RIBA22233Design for a stage set featuring a colonnaded hall or courtyard

RIBA22494Design for a stage set or an architectural composition featuring a flight of steps leading to a colonnaded palace, surmounted by classical sculptures

RIBA35677Design for a stage set showing a colonnaded Baroque hall

RIBA3888Design for a stage set showing a hall in a Baroque palace with superimposed colonnades

RIBA20921Design for a stage set: the bisected image showing alternative schemes each a Baroque palace with a colonnaded courtyard or square

RIBA16803Design for a Temple of Victory commemorating the sacred games of the Greeks and Romans on Mount Ithome

RIBA66430Design for a theatre with a Corinthian colonnade: plan of colonnade and elevation

RIBA29307Design for a three span bridge with stepped approaches and colonnades after Vincenzo Scamozzi's design for the Rialto Bridge, Venice

RIBA65134Design for a town house in the Italian manner with grand staircase in the centre beyond which is a semicircular-ended, colonnaded courtyard: sketch plans and longitudinal section

RIBA67384Design for a very large public building, perhaps related to the design by George Dance which Smirke copied in 1796

RIBA20668Design for a villa featuring a colonnade of Ionic columns

RIBA66528Design for a villa in the Doric order: plan and elevations

RIBA21302Design for a villa: elevation showing a pedimented bay with large niche attached by six Doric columns to a two-storey house

RIBA21056Design for a water gate in the style of a Classical temple

RIBA65110Design for an Academy of Arts and Sciences with tetrastyle Doric portico and surrounded by formal gardens: sketch plan and elevation of principal facade

RIBA29510Design for an eleven bay house with a hexastyle portico: elevation showing two pavilions linked by an Ionic colonnade at first floor level over a rusticated ground floor

RIBA36626Design for an extension to the British Museum, Montague Place, Bloomsbury, London: elevation of the entrance facade

RIBA37378Design for an Ionic villa: elevation

RIBA66207Design for an unidentified country house: plan and elevation

RIBA84058Design for buildings around a courtyard with a Corinthian colonnade: section through the courtyard showing the elevation of the buildings along one side

RIBA31112Design for Camerton Court, Camerton, Somerset: perspective view of the south front including an Ionic colonnade

RIBA84057Design for church or mausoleum raised on a wide flight of steps: elevation

RIBA66432Design for colonnade, Red House, Royal Victualling Yard, Deptford, Lewisham, London: section

RIBA41559Design for Royal Holloway College, Egham: details of a colonnade and walls next to the dining hall


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