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RIBA3996Design for a gardener's cottage at Laverstoke House, Hampshire, for Melville Porter, MP: perspective

RIBA12708Design for a cricket pavilion and groundsman's cottage for University College, Abingdon Road, Oxford

RIBA16132Design for a cottage residence: elevation, section and plans

RIBA18972Design for a farmer's cottage

RIBA18973Design for a family cottage

RIBA19666Design for a forester's cottage or house for a small family

RIBA19667Design for a gamekeeper's cottage or house for a small family

RIBA22002Design for a cottage, Llangollen, Clwyd: elevations and plan

RIBA22005Design for a cottage, Southampton

RIBA22464Design for a cottage: elevations and plan

RIBA31991Design for a cottage, Acton Reynald, Shropshire: perspective view of the cottage and garden, with a haystack seen to the right

RIBA32384Design for a cottage piano: elevation, sections and details

RIBA34706Design for a cottage to cost £500, entered into the Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition architects' competition of 1908: perspective view, plans, elevations and section

RIBA36292Design for a cottage, Gorhambury Park, Gorhambury, Hertfordshire, for the Countess Verulam: elevation

RIBA37796Design for a double cottage on the left and for American cottages on the right: elevations and plans

RIBA46941Design for a cottage with two rooms

RIBA65124Design for a cottage with giant Ionic order on the principal front: plan, elevation and section

RIBA65331Design for a cottage with three principal rooms and a columned loggia, Blaise Hamlet, Henbury: plan

RIBA65332Design for a cottage with three principal rooms and a columned loggia, Blaise Hamlet, Henbury: perspective

RIBA95390Design for a fishing lodge: plan and perspective

RIBA96556Design for a cottage: plan and elevation

RIBA96612Design for a cottage, Montreal Park, Riverhead, Kent, for Jeffrey Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst: plan and elevation

RIBA96683Design for a cottage, Gadsdon House: plan and elevations with estimate of building costs

RIBA96693Design for a cottage with garden and woodshed near Benefield, Northamptonshire: plan and section


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