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RIBA20030Design for a circular entrance hall

RIBA20039Design for a decorative circular ceiling panel with drawings showing ornamental relief pattern details

RIBA20212Design for a ribboned and floral wall decoration featuring a snail and a butterfly

RIBA20279Design for an ornate fireplace with a relief panel depicting a classical subject for Durdans, Epsom

RIBA20355Design for an antique style candlestick and leaf study with designs for circular and octagonal ornamental ceilings

RIBA20358Design for an ornamental ceiling

RIBA20548Design for an orchestra platform in an unidentified house featuring decorative plasterwork and sculptures

RIBA20557Design for an ornamental plasterwork ceiling for the front room and staircase one of a terrace of town houses

RIBA20972Design for an unidentified drawing room: elevation for window wall

RIBA21139Design for a cornice and frieze

RIBA21182Design for a decorative frieze in plaster work or painted mural design featuring an allegorical figure

RIBA21196Design for a highly decorated ceiling

RIBA21201Design for a plasterwork frieze or painted mural design

RIBA21472Design for a square ceiling with plaster decoration and a circular painting at its centre

RIBA22674Design for a patera to be executed in plasterwork: full sized detail

RIBA35669Design for a stage set and proscenium arch for a performance of the opera 'La Clemenza di Tito', Act 1 Scene 1, Lisbon Opera House (Opera do Tejo or Phoenix Opera): perspective view of an interior with Rococo decorations

RIBA35808Design for a plasterwork ceiling in the front parlour of a terraced town house

RIBA35816Design for a plasterwork ceiling in the front room of a terraced town house

RIBA36108Design for a fireplace featuring Giallo marble with a floral decorative plasterwork panel and frieze above: elevation

RIBA36109Design for a fireplace featuring painted floral decoration with a circular framed painting and a plasterwork frieze above: elevation with plan of marble moulding

RIBA36471Design for a moulded frieze for a coved ceiling featuring cherub motifs, garlands, sphinxes and a central roundel incorporating a profile portrait

RIBA36498Design for a wall sconce set in a vertical panel with an egg and dart border: elevation with sketched detail

RIBA37583Design for a synagogue, Krystalgade, Copenhagen: details of decoration

RIBA66209Design for an unidentified drawing room: elevation of end wall


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