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RIBA5290Folly garden, Downton, Wiltshire

RIBA5522Fragments of the colossal statue of Constantine the Great, Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome

RIBA6639'Firns in ice and snow'

RIBA12013Habitat, Expo '67, Montreal

RIBA12014Habitat, Expo '67, Montreal

RIBA12100Fantastic architectural compositions: monumental entry to a bridge with ascending flights of steps

RIBA12101Fantastic architectural compositions: caryatid portico with monument and crouching lion on a pedestal in the foreground

RIBA12102Fantastic architectural compositions: view of part of a triumphal bridge with sphinxes and caryatid figures in the foreground

RIBA12103Fantastic architectural compositions: Corinthian portico with a flight of steps flanked by statues on pedestals leading up to it, a rotunda and obelisk in the background

RIBA17216Garden gate with figurehead, Fano Island

RIBA18310Fuji Group Pavilion, Expo '70, Osaka

RIBA18311Fuji Group Pavilion, Expo '70, Osaka

RIBA18550Habitat, Expo '67, Montreal

RIBA19341Funfair Piazza, Festival of Britain, Festival Pleasure Gardens, Battersea, London: on the right, Hall of the Centaurs and centre, Hall of the Golden Cockerel

RIBA19859Grand Vista, Festival of Britain, Festival Pleasure Gardens, Battersea, London: view looking towards the Fountain Lake

RIBA19861Funfair piazza by night, Festival of Britain, Festival Pleasure Gardens, Battersea, London

RIBA21133Fantastical church scene, featuring churchgoers entering the building, with musical angels floating on clouds above them

RIBA23204Fuji Group Pavilion, Expo '70, Osaka

RIBA23210Fuji Group Pavilion, Expo '70, Osaka

RIBA24922Festival of Britain, South Bank, London: the aluminium coned entrance to the People of Britain Pavilion with the Dome of Discovery and the Skylon in the background

RIBA28639Habitat, Expo '67, Montreal

RIBA38587Habitat nearing completion, Expo '67, Montreal

RIBA65894Fantastic architectural compositions: portico with two rusticated Ionic columns in the foreground and an edifice with ruined vault in the background

RIBA65895Fantastic architectural compositions: mausoleum with entablature and pediment supported by female terms, a statue on a pedestal in the foreground and a low arch with heavy columns above it in the background


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