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RIBA5263Portchester Castle, near Portsmouth

RIBA7681Red Fort, Delhi: Lahore Gate

RIBA9357Prejmer peasant citadel and church

RIBA10618Ramparts, Aigues-Mortes, Petite Camargue

RIBA11311Ramparts, Aigues-Mortes, Petite Camargue

RIBA18733Puerta de la Justicia (Gate of Judgment), Alhambra, Granada

RIBA27586Porte d'Aude, Carcassonne

RIBA27589Porte Guillaume, Chartres

RIBA29980Porte Narbonnaise, Carcassonne: sketch of the turrets of the gateway and surrounding roofs seen from the parapet of the walls

RIBA31735Plan of La Rocchetta, Vicenza

RIBA34509Restoration of the Roman theatre, Sagunto, Valencia: oblique view from the town of the stage wall and the remains of one of the two towers

RIBA34510Restoration of the Roman theatre, Sagunto, Valencia: oblique view of the stage wall

RIBA36178Proposed design for the conversion of the Tower of London moat into a steam boat dock, Tower Hill, London: aerial plan with key

RIBA38266Plan of a fortress

RIBA49288Portchester Castle, Hampshire: the Roman outer wall

RIBA55464Red Fort, Delhi: the Diwan-i-Am (Hall of Public Audience)

RIBA55465Red Fort, Delhi: the Moti Masjid (the Pearl Mosque)

RIBA55466Red Fort, Delhi: the Moti Masjid (the Pearl Mosque)

RIBA55467Red Fort, Delhi: the Moti Masjid (the Pearl Mosque)

RIBA58894Qasr al-Heer al-Sharqi near Palmyra in the Syrian Desert

RIBA59038Ramparts and watch towers of the citadel, Carcassonne

RIBA59040Porte d'Aude, Carcassonne

RIBA59041Porte Narbonnaise seen from the ramparts of the citadel, Carcassonne

RIBA60422Purana Qila (Old Fort), Delhi


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