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RIBA5487Salone dei Corazzieri, Palazzo del Quirinale, Rome: close-up of the bas-relief 'Lavanda dei Piedi' by Taddeo Landini above the entrance doors

RIBA5489Palazzo Labia, Venice:the ceiling of the ball room

RIBA5990Sandhouse, Witley, Surrey: the entrance hall decorated with the coloured frieze by Godfrey Blount

RIBA7668S.S. Otranto: a dining hall

RIBA21512Preliminary designs for the Wellington Testimonial, Phoenix Park, Dublin: detail perspective sketch of the equestrian statue on its pedestal

RIBA21588Preliminary design for a frieze above a mantelpiece in the hall-lounge of 78 Derngate, Northampton, for Wenman Joseph Bassett-Lowke

RIBA21694Parthenon, Athens: study of the upper part of the portico, with reconstructed polychromatic decoration

RIBA22155Palazzo Bevilacqua Vincenzi, Bologna: measured drawing of the decorative friezes above the arches of the courtyard

RIBA22669Palazzo Massimi alle Colonne, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Rome: detail of the hall frieze and ceiling

RIBA22723Public Library, Cornwall Street, Plymouth: perspective view of the entrance facade

RIBA25473Royal Palace, Caserta: the throne room

RIBA25523Palazzo Ducale, Urbino: detail of the sculpted freize adorning the mantelpiece in the Duke's bedroom

RIBA27320Rubens House, Wapper, the Meir, Antwerp: facade of the studio seen from the courtyard

RIBA27321Rubens House, Wapper, the Meir, Antwerp: facade of the studio seen from the garden

RIBA27545Parliament Building (Sejm), ul. Wiejska 4-6, Warsaw: detail of the bas-relief frieze of the colonnade around the exterior of the round chamber

RIBA32873Proposed design for Nightingale Lane London Underground Station (later renamed Clapham South Station): elevation of the booking hall entrance with tiled decoration and station sign

RIBA36764Paddockhurst, Worth, Sussex: perspective view of the dining room featuring an alabaster chimneypiece, elaborate moulded ceiling and decorative frieze and a built-in sideboard surmounted by a minstrel's gallery

RIBA38273Part elevation of a Doric temple front showing a doorway with a frieze incorporating boucrania (bull's skull) motifs above and a sectional detail of mouldings to the left

RIBA38960Paycocke's House, West Street, Coggeshall, Essex: the carriageway showing the carved figures either side of the frieze

RIBA50244Sandhouse, Witley, Surrey: main staircase and entrance hall decorated with the coloured frieze by Godfrey Blount

RIBA54379Palazzo di Giustizia, Piazza Verga, Catania, Sicily: the entrance with the bronze statue of justic by Mimi Maria Lazzaro

RIBA80606Rotunda, Wentworth Castle, South Yorkshire: detail of entablature

RIBA82216Painting of a decorative frieze from a site between the Sette Sale and the Baths of Trajan, Rome

RIBA100787Plan and details of sculptural reliefs from the Palaces of Persepolis and Susa: B) Double "Bull" Capital, Apadana of Xerxes; C) plan of palace platform; D) double "unicorn" capital, Apadana of Xerses; E) bas-relief: Persepolis; F) Lion Frieze, Susa G) Archer Frieze, Susa


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