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RIBA12069Design for Cabinet de Treillage, Jardins de Tivoli, Paris

RIBA12706Design for Apple and Garden House, Oare, Wiltshire

RIBA12721Design for garden house at Wroxall Abbey

RIBA12785Design for an orangery at Burton Manor, Wirral

RIBA12787Design for an orangery and a garden at Burton Manor, Wirral

RIBA16110Design for detached conservatory

RIBA16326Design for an 'ornithon' or arbour for birds

RIBA19665Design for greenhouse or pavilion for Plas Newydd, Llanfairpwll, Anglesey: view by night

RIBA19688Design for an elliptical temple

RIBA21098Design for an ice house, Broxmore House, Whiteparish, Wiltshire, for Robert Bristow: section, plan and elevation

RIBA29648Design for an exhibition pavilion to house Queen Mary's Dolls' House at the Ideal Home Exhibition, Olympia, London: elevations and plan for a summer house

RIBA34601Design for alterations to Langham Old Hall, Langham, Rutland, for Owen Hugh Smith: proposed layout plan for the east garden

RIBA35030Design for Hall Barn, near Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire: section of the Garden Room

RIBA36838Design for circular garden pavilions: a two-storey, domed pavilion

RIBA36839Design for circular garden pavilions: a two-storey pavilion with spire

RIBA36840Design for circular garden pavilions: two types of domed pavilions

RIBA36841Design for an unidentified structure, possibly a garden hothouse with 'tong-kang' heating system

RIBA66206Design for an unidentified pavilion: elevation

RIBA66417Design for Beaudesert Hall, Staffordshire: plan and elevation for a Gothick garden temple with crescent finials

RIBA66422Design for an unidentified building in the form of a peripteral temple: plan

RIBA68961Design for botanic and ornamental gardens on Primrose Hill, London

RIBA85776Design for an ice well, Westport House, County Mayo, for the Marquis of Sligo: plan, elevation and section

RIBA95391Design for an ice house designed as an ornamental building: plan, section and perspective

RIBA96574Design for an ice house, Richmond-upon-Thames, London, for the 1st Earl of Leicester: plan, elevation and section


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