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RIBA12552Design for South Lodges and gateway, Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire

RIBA12957Design for the new 'Italyan' gate, Arundel House, Strand, London

RIBA16719Design for the reconstruction of Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire

RIBA20777Design for proposed additions to Trinity College, Dublin: west or front elevation of an entrance building with a bell tower

RIBA22828Design for the rear elevation of a square-headed doorway in rusticated masonry, probably intended for an entrance opening in a wall

RIBA22942Design for for an arched door or gateway with columns and pediment: elevation and plan

RIBA30170Design for Hill Hall, Theydon Mount, Essex, for Lord Edward Hay: elevations, sections and plans for proposed lodges and entrance gates at the southerly entrance to the drive

RIBA30171Design for Hill Hall, Theydon Mount, Essex, for Lord Edward Hay: elevations, sections and plans for a proposed lodge and gatehouse at the northerly entrance to the drive

RIBA30178Design for the Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London: elevation and details of entrance gates and a boundary wall

RIBA31073Design for stone piers for the entrance to the kitchen gardens, Eaton Hall, Cheshire: elevation and perspective

RIBA32022Design for Normanhurst Court, Battle, East Sussex, for Thomas Brassey: elevations and sections of the house and gatehouses

RIBA32293Design for Queens Gate Gardens, London: perspective view

RIBA35011Design for Burlington House, Piccadilly, London: the great gate

RIBA35124Design for the Church of Saint Peter & Saint Paul, Kilmersdon, Somerset: the lych gate

RIBA36301Design for Grey Walls, St George's Hill, Weybridge, Surrey: perspective view of the house

RIBA37886Design for entrance lodge, gateway and chapels of a cemetery in Alnwick, Northumberland

RIBA37939Design for the entrance to Dean's Yard, Westminster, London: perspective of the exterior from the road

RIBA41556Design for Royal Holloway College, Egham: details of the principal gateway on the railway front

RIBA65328Design for Castle Lodge and gateway in castellated style, Blaise Castle, Henbury: perspective

RIBA82043Design for rustic piers with niches

RIBA82110Design for entrance gates, Blackadder House, Berwickshire: plan and elevation

RIBA85349Design for north gateway lodge and screen by the almshouses, Holkham, Norfolk, for the Earl of Leicester: plans and sketch

RIBA125153Design for the entrance to a fortress

RIBA125265Design for an entrance pavilion with alternatives


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