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RIBA5074Old Weir on the River Thames at Bray: handrail with decorative curls

RIBA30044Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool

RIBA46500Offices, 59-61 Mark Lane, City of London

RIBA47674Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool: close-up of the facade showing the cast-iron mullions

RIBA49872Paddington Station, London: close-up of the roof where a transept crosses the nave

RIBA54930Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool

RIBA54931Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool

RIBA54932Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool

RIBA54933Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool: fenestration detail

RIBA59174Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool

RIBA70310Ouseburn Viaduct, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

RIBA70574Oxford Rewley Road Station (former), Oxford: the front elevation

RIBA70575Oxford Rewley Road Station (former), Oxford: detail of the canopy

RIBA119925Paddington Station, London: detail of gantry above the railway line

RIBA119926Paddington Station, London: detail of an unaltered column base

RIBA119927Paddington Station, London: detail of skewback and bracking supporting a rib with oak packing to the joints

RIBA119928Paddington Station, London: detail of 'tear drop' beneath a girder

RIBA119929Paddington Station, London: detail of a cast iron capital bolted to a column top

RIBA119934Paddington Station, London: detail of part of the 1913-1915 roof with its lattice steel beam

RIBA119938Paddington Station, London: detail of office bays with pilasters

RIBA119939Paddington Station, London: detail of the offices

RIBA119945Paddington Station, London: detail of the ironwork panels between the rib supports on the office block

RIBA119947Paddington Station, London: detail of cast iron column

RIBA135160Paddington Basin, London: Paddington Station train shed seen from the rear


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