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RIBA3857Duomo and campanile (Leaning Tower), Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa, seen from the south-west

RIBA7881Duomo and campanile (Leaning Tower), Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa, seen from the south-west

RIBA13511Dolphin Fountain, Royal Palace, Caserta

RIBA13521Duomo, Siena: the facade in polychrome marble

RIBA16484Details of a fountain marble floor in Cairo

RIBA20199Detail of a marble capital, from the tomb of Carlo Marsuppini, Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence

RIBA25489Duomo, Orvieto: the north wall

RIBA25496Duomo, Siena: the marble lion panel on the Baptistery wall and the flight of marble steps leading up to the Piazza del Duomo

RIBA27842Duomo and Baptistery of St John, Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa, seen across the rooftops from the campanile (Leaning Tower)

RIBA27882Duomo, Siena: close-up of the campanile with the cupola nestling behind

RIBA27883Duomo, Siena: close-up of the decoration and statuary of the facade

RIBA29338Elevation of a fireplace, Arundel House, London

RIBA60333Ely Cathedral: the reredos of the high altar

RIBA61022Duomo, Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa: the arcaded nave

RIBA61023Duomo, Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa: the pulpit

RIBA61072Duomo, Siena: detail of a column of the polychrome marble facade

RIBA61073Duomo, Siena: the nave looking towards the chancel

RIBA61074Duomo, Siena: an aisle

RIBA71484Elegance shop, Vienna: the shopfront

RIBA72802Empire House, St Martin's-le-Grand, London: the entrance hall

RIBA82072Designs for Leigham Court, Streatham, London: part-plan, front and side elevations of the chimneypiece in black and gold marble for the breakfast room

RIBA82204Elevation of unidentified richly inlaid marble wall panels

RIBA83921Designs for Montpellier Rotunda (or Pump Room) and for alterations and additions, Montpellier Spa, Cheltenham, for Henry Thompson Esq.: part-plan, part-elevation and details of a marble counter encasing a pump

RIBA95790Designs for interior details, Woburn Abbey: elevations of chimneypieces for bedrooms on the attic storey, south front


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