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RIBA7353Mansion House, City of London

RIBA31554Hendersyde Park, Kelso, Roxburghshire: perspective view of the north front

RIBA32764Gunnersbury House, London: elevation of the entrance facade

RIBA32999Grimsthorpe Castle, Grimsthorpe, Lincolnshire, seat of the Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven: elevation of the garden front

RIBA34312Ivy Cottage, Cirencester Road, Bibury

RIBA34313Ivy Cottage, Cirencester Road, Bibury: the porch with its Ionic columns and oriental-looking shaped pediment

RIBA38265Half elevation of an Ionic hexastyle portico

RIBA42101Honington Hall, Warwickshire: a stucco mirror and pedimented doorway by Charles Stanley in the octagonal hall

RIBA49005Little Haugh Hall, Norton, Suffolk: detail of a doorcase

RIBA49645Hasells Hall, Sandy, Bedfordshire: pedimented facade

RIBA53446Maison Carree, Nimes: plan and elevations

RIBA55722Heath House, Hampstead, London: the entrance porch

RIBA59024La Audiencia, Conde di Aranda, Zaragoza, Aragon: doorway with a statue of Atlantes either side

RIBA71059House at Seale, Surrey: the front entrance doorway

RIBA72652Lodge at Prince of Wales' Gate, Hyde Park, London

RIBA84429Libreria Sansoviniana, Venice: elevation of the principal doorway in the main library room

RIBA85739Jesuit church (?) (San Sebastiano), Verona: front elevation

RIBA91563Heilig-Geist Church (Schmelz Parish Church), Herbstrasse 82, Vienna

RIBA92758London Edinburgh & Glasgow Assurance Company Limited head office, Euston Square, London: detail of the facade showing the Bassae columns

RIBA113260Il Redentore, Venice: detail of the main facade showing the superimposed pediments

RIBA113415Il Redentore, Venice, at sunset

RIBA125776Half-elevation of the upper part of a door or window with pedimented tablet and a cartouche over

RIBA125784Half the front elevation of a gateway with the side elevation at the right

RIBA125786Half-front elevation of a doorway of the Villa Sforza with its side elevation to the right


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