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RIBA26692Gondola in Rio Malpaga seen from the Ponte delle Turchette, Venice

RIBA38620Grand Vista, Festival of Britain, Battersea Pleasure Gardens, London

RIBA41011Group portrait of Jane Drew and local friends and associates in Chandigarh or Simla, enjoying an evening drinks party

RIBA41853Group photograph in Chandigarh including Jane Drew (back row, second from left) and Maxwell Fry (back row, second from right)

RIBA42434Gold bars being moulded in the Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, City of London

RIBA51791Gorilla House, London Zoo, Regent's Park, London: one of the cages

RIBA63020Guildhall, Sandwich, Kent, with bus stop in the Cattle Market area

RIBA63785Gatwick Airport: spectators on the terrace of the centre pier

RIBA63788Gatwick Airport: view airside from the terrace of the centre pier

RIBA63794Gatwick Airport: spectators on the centre pier

RIBA72202Grattan House, Lower Mount Street, Dublin

RIBA73312Habitat showroom, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

RIBA73378Goffs Bloodstock Sales, Kill, County Kildare: the sales ring

RIBA73379Goffs Bloodstock Sales, Kill, County Kildare: the upper tier of the sales ring

RIBA75903Group headquarters building for E. S. and A. Robinson Holdings Ltd, Bristol: the pedestrian area beneath the conference wing

RIBA75904Group headquarters building for E. S. and A. Robinson Holdings Ltd, Bristol: one of the internal corridors

RIBA76419Grandstand, Doncaster Racecourse: the cantilevered canopy

RIBA76462Graduate housing, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge: one of the student study bedrooms

RIBA76724Gatwick Airport: the main concourse

RIBA76728Gatwick Airport: the balcony buffet

RIBA79330Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London: the new bar

RIBA80429Geraldine Gosselin

RIBA80430Gerard Hadsley Gosselin

RIBA88724Golden Gate Fair, San Francisco: the Court of Latin America with visitors listening to the Guatemalan Marimba Band


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