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RIBA61707Church of the Holy Cross, Akhtamar Island, Lake Van: the apse

RIBA61706Church of the Holy Cross, Akhtamar Island, Lake Van: the dome of the tower

RIBA9896Cicero's tomb, Formia

RIBA113603Circus Maximus, Rome

RIBA113155Circus Maximus, Rome, with the Palatine Hill in the background

RIBA55208City Tower, 40 Basinghall Street, London Wall, City of London

RIBA83782Classical composition in a landscape: the ruins of a vaulted ceiling

RIBA83783Classical composition of ruins in a landscape

RIBA26769Cleeve Abbey, Somerset: the remains of the chancel

RIBA60396Cleeve Abbey, Washford, Somerset: the chapter house used as a barn

RIBA11742Coastline near Gerahies and ruins of farmhouse, Bantry Bay, County Cork

RIBA60995Colonnade, Corso di Porta Ticinese, San Lorenzo, Milan

RIBA14062Colosseum, Rome

RIBA3432-58Colosseum, Rome

RIBA7043Colosseum, Rome

RIBA14374Colosseum, Rome

RIBA16390Colosseum, Rome

RIBA6665Colosseum, Rome

RIBA7943Colosseum, Rome

RIBA38329Colosseum, Rome

RIBA9308Colosseum, Rome

RIBA14068Colosseum, Rome

RIBA113630Colosseum, Rome

RIBA6675Colosseum, Rome


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