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RIBA8528Daily Express Building, 120-129 Fleet Street, City of London: detail of rubber floor and writing table designed by Betty Joel

RIBA15696Deanery Garden, Sonning, Berkshire: the dining room with Edward Hudson's collection of rustic pewter and ceramics displayed on the sideboard

RIBA15819Czechoslovak Pavilion, Golden Gate Fair, San Francisco: the exhibit of Bohemian glass and optic equipment

RIBA36157Daily Chronicle offices, Salisbury Square, London: perspective view of a library or drawing room

RIBA36368Design for a bookshop and lecture room, possibly in Munich, for George Steinicke, bookseller: perspective view of the interor

RIBA36434Design (or topographical drawing) showing the architect's own domestic reception room

RIBA36491Design for a carved pier glass and a side-table supported by an eagle: elevation

RIBA36640Design for a bed and bedside cabinet for St Ann's Court, St Ann's Hill, Chertsey, Surrey

RIBA42119Croft Castle, Herefordshire: the library

RIBA44335County infants' school, Wokingham, Berkshire: a typical classroom

RIBA44442Cripps Building, St John's College, Cambridge: undergraduate accommodation

RIBA44443Cripps Building, St John's College, Cambridge: an undergraduate room looking out onto New Court

RIBA44671Cumberbatch Buildings, Trinity College, Oxford: study corner of a student set

RIBA55251Couple relaxing in a modern living room

RIBA57359David Murray John Tower, Brunel Centre, Swindon, Wiltshire: a typical flat

RIBA57771Darwin College, Cambridge: the dining hall

RIBA57975Cranleigh School, Surrey: the dining hall

RIBA61168Council of Industrial Design Scottish Commitee 'Enterprise Scotland' exhibition, Royal Scottish Museum, Chambers Street, Edinburgh: the restaurant

RIBA61642Crombie Hall of Residence, College Bounds, University of Aberdeen: the dining hall

RIBA61912Cripps Hall, University of Nottingham: the dining hall

RIBA64549Cropthorne Court, Maida Vale, London: a typical living room

RIBA65404Design for a bird table or a perfume burner: rough elevations, details and perspective

RIBA78474County Hall, Truro: the councillors' dining room

RIBA78475County Hall, Truro: the members' dining room


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