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RIBA11853Triumphal Arch, Portmeirion

RIBA11854Town Hall, Portmeirion: Hercules Hall (or Ballroom)

RIBA11855Town Hall, Portmeirion: Hercules sign outside the Hercules Hall

RIBA11858Tregagle and the River Wye, Gwent

RIBA20269Topographical drawing showing the harbour of a fishing village with a small lighthouse in the foreground and village buildings in the background

RIBA20588'The town from below', Biot

RIBA20590'The White room', Biot

RIBA20591'The Church', Biot

RIBA23400The Swan Inn, Broughton Road, Milton Keynes Village, Buckinghamshire

RIBA24222The Round House with the Campanile behind, Portmeirion

RIBA34756Three views of a village, showing changes in the landscape between the years 1700, 1800 and 1900

RIBA37507Topographical drawing of an unidentified village green or common

RIBA41139The Lord Crewe Arms Hotel, Blanchland, Northumberland: the garden front

RIBA48173The Piazza and Gloriette, Portmeirion

RIBA48176Toll House, Battery Square, Portmeirion

RIBA48177The Pantheon or Dome with Chantry Row behind, Portmeirion

RIBA48178Town Hall and Angel, Portmeirion

RIBA48263Town Hall flanked by Gothick cottages, Ripley, North Yorkshire

RIBA49078'Tudor shops', corner of Lady Street and Water Street, Lavenham, Suffolk, with the Old Wool House on the left

RIBA81932Traditional Islamic vernacular architecture

RIBA107620Tuindorp Vreewijk, Rotterdam

RIBA107626Tuindorp Vreewijk, Rotterdam

RIBA107627Tuindorp Vreewijk, Rotterdam

RIBA107656Tuindorp Vreewijk, Rotterdam


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