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RIBA7239Wells Cathedral, Somerset

RIBA7240Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset: the ruins of the transept of the church

RIBA7273Cologne Cathedral (Kolner Dom): the south portal

RIBA7342Chateau Royal de Blois: Painted wall decoration of the Chapelle de Saint-Calais

RIBA7343Chateau Royal de Blois: doorway with equestrian statue in the Louis XII wing

RIBA7349Westminster Abbey, London: the west front

RIBA7350Westminster Abbey, London: Henry VII's Lady Chapel

RIBA7570Powder Gate, Prague

RIBA7571Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Prague

RIBA7572Charles Bridge, Prague: one of the three towers

RIBA7573Vladislav Hall, the Old Palace, Prague

RIBA7700Cathedral, Rouen: the Escalier de la Librairie (Booksellers' Stairway)

RIBA7702Cologne Cathedral (Kolner Dom): the west front

RIBA7704Cologne Cathedral (Kolner Dom): detail of the spire

RIBA7820Peterborough Cathedral: the west front

RIBA7821Hotel de Ville, Grand Place, Brussels

RIBA7883King's College Chapel, Cambridge, seen from The Backs

RIBA7884Peterborough Cathedral

RIBA7888Cathedral of Notre Dame, Ile de la Cite, Paris

RIBA7912Monastery and church of Batalha

RIBA8149Church of St Andreas, Braunschweig

RIBA8165Leonhardskirche (Church of St Leonhard), Frankfurt am Main: the pulpit

RIBA8175Rathaus, Marktplatz, Goslar, Lower Saxony

RIBA8181Church of St Mary, (Marienkirche), Altstadt, Lubeck


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