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RIBA77573Warehouses, Skipton, Yorkshire: the entrance to the shopping complex

RIBA77574Warehouses, Skipton, Yorkshire: the ground-floor shop

RIBA77575Warehouses, Skipton, Yorkshire: the ground-floor shop display area

RIBA77576Warehouses, Skipton, Yorkshire: the roof truss in the upper floor of the shop

RIBA77581Warehouses, Skipton, Yorkshire: the shop on the ground floor

RIBA77578Warehouses, Skipton, Yorkshire: the warehouses seen from the canal

RIBA5794Waring & Gillow department store, Oxford Street, London

RIBA46481Waring & Gillow department store, Oxford Street, London, under construction

RIBA88021Wartski jewellers, Regent Street, Westminster, London

RIBA10148Watson's Building, Mumbai (Bombay)

RIBA38945Weatherboarded house and cobbler's decorated with Union Jacks and bunting, Tenterden, Kent

RIBA8166Weckmarkt, Frankfurt am Main

RIBA60870Wedekindhaus on the western side of Marktplatz, Hildesheim, Lower Saxony

RIBA77825Weiner Molkerei grocery shop, Seilerstatte, Vienna

RIBA71482Weiner Molkerei, Seilerstatte, Vienna: the shopfront

RIBA114687Well Pharmacy, Pendre, Bath House Road, Cardigan, Ceredigon

RIBA91075Wenceslaus Square, Prague, with the Bata Building in the background

RIBA25382Wenke department store, Jaroma, Prague

RIBA24945Werff shop, Birmingham

RIBA10828West Bow, Edinburgh: houses with Dutch gables

RIBA60402West Street, Farnham, Surrey

RIBA79092Westminster Electricity Supply Corporation Limited offices, Victoria Street, London

RIBA58130Wheatsheaf Hotel, Broad Street, Cuckfield, West Sussex: the street elevation with the bow fronted 'wine office'

RIBA15991Whiteleys, Queensway, Bayswater, London: the central winding staircase


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