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RIBA15246Yves St Laurent, 33 Sloane Street, London

RIBA38472Yardley, Old Bond Street, London: the gilt-bronze filigree entrance door by Reco Capey

RIBA55896Woollands, Knightsbridge, London: shop window and entrance

RIBA55898Woollands, Knightsbridge, London: entrance to shop

RIBA55900Woollands, Knightsbridge, London

RIBA55903Woollands, Knightsbridge, London

RIBA55904Woollands, Knightsbridge, London

RIBA64760Working-class flats, Denham House, Lordship Terrace, Stoke Newington, London: the shop with the curved balconies at the north corner of Lordship Terrace behind

RIBA71635Yardley, Old Bond Street, London: the main shop front

RIBA71636Yardley, Old Bond Street, Westminster, London: the side elevation on Stafford Street

RIBA91573Zacherlhaus, Brandstatte 6, Wildpretmarkt 2-4

RIBA92362Woollands, Knightsbridge, London: the men's department


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